The international working group for disorders of GI motility and function (IWG) and the European Gastrointestinal Motility-Hub (EUGIM-Hub) invites you to participate in innovative on-line training that allows trainees, fellows and all those unfamiliar with the high-resolution anorectal manometry to learn and refine their clinical skills in line with the London Classification for Disorders of Anorectal Function.

You will be presented with pressure data from representative cases of patients with fecal incontinence, defecatory disorders and normal individuals that do not have any symptoms. Leading experts have reviewed and classified these cases. Disagreements have been resolved by consensus. By working through the London Classification process, you will be able to use this interactive platform to compare your performance against this standard.

By registering for this training, you will also be eligible to participate in the IAPWG Anorectal High-Resolution Manometry Inter-Rater Agreement Study. You will be asked to supply a new password for the account, and enter your full name.

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